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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free Beans

Today, when we got home from the grocery store, my wife and I discovered that we had EIGHT 1 lb, 12 oz cans of baked beans amongst our bags. Eight! They are not listed on our receipt either. We also have two packs of Velveeta "cheese." No idea how they got there.

You'll note from the picture that they're not just one simple kind of baked beans either. We've got Maple Cured, Barbecue, AND Country Style!

So, like, if anyone has any good ideas for what we can do with roughly 14 pounds of baked beans, please let me know. So far, we're planning pork 'n beans, pineapple 'n beans, and just plain 'ole beans. But that's probably only going to get us through about three pounds of this bounty.

I suppose we could put the Velveeta in the beans and have cheesy beans?