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Friday, July 20, 2007

Red Reporter Sabermetric Overview Series

I wanted to highlight some excellent work I just (belatedly) saw over at Red Reporter in the diaries, the Sabermetric Overview Series. Individuals that frequent that site have thus far posted five readable, informative, and most of all useful articles recapping some of the basic and relevant results of research on baseball. Here are the articles thus far (I've also linked to them in my sidebar, as I think this is a pretty neat initiative and I'll want to refer to these articles and then):
  • Part 0 - Introduction by Slyde - Covers some of the more useful reference sites on the web.
  • Part 1 - Park Factors by boobs - An overview of park factors, how they work, and what they mean.
  • Part 2 - AVG vs. OPS by BLee2525 - A comparison of batting average and OPS (on base plus slugging), and why OPS is more informative about offensive production than batting average (shockingly, he cites an old set of data I posted at RR a long time ago! I'd forgotten about that study, and always meant to revisit it in more detail).
  • Part 3 - The Matrix and Smallball by Red Menace - An overview of how different in-game strategies affect how teams score runs. It includes a much better treatment of sacrifice bunting than I did previously, so kudos.
  • Part 4 - Creating Runs by sidnancy - An overview of how to estimate total offensive contribution of players, using runs created, linear weights, or value over replacement player (VORP).
I'll try to update the sidebar whenever a new post comes out. Thanks to these authors for their contributions, these are really valuable articles! I need to keep up on the Red Reporter Diaries more often, and there's some really good stuff going on in there.