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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Site Additions

I've made two changes to the blog that I thought I'd mention.

First, following JD's lead at RedReporter (as usual), I've added support to Ballhype to this website. You'll note this little icon in the footer of each post: . Clicking on it allows you to submit a post here to ballhype. Once submitted, users can vote on the articles ("hype it up"), as well as post comments. And, of course, the most hyped articles are featured prominantly on the Ballhype main site. Ballhype was designed by the guy who brought us, and a lot of the best baseball websites are already using it, including The Hardball Times. It should be fun to play around with.

Also, on a temporary basis, I've added a link to iPower, a Web Hosting Company in the sidebar. I have a contact there that informed me that they are running their company's biggest ever sale on web hosting, $4.95/month. While I run this blog via the blogger, which is a free service, my wife and I do have a personal website through iPower that we use for hosting photos, movies, and the occasional html experiment. If you are interested in getting your own personalized domain and good server space at a great price, please check them out. ...and new orders placed via the link to the right will help support this site. Thanks.