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Friday, July 27, 2007

Encarnacion Smiles!

Earlier this week, in his Q&A column, Hal McCoy wrote:
Q Can Jeff Keppinger unseat Edwin Encarnacion at third base? Luke, Sophia, W.Va.

A Unseat? Don’t you mean put Encarnacion into a seat in the dugout? I don’t see Keppinger as an everyday player. He is good at moving around — two starts at third, one at second, one at third. Just once wouldn’t you like to see Encarnacion smile or act as if something excites him that isn’t green with Benjamin Franklin’s picture on it?
So when I saw this picture in the Enquirer from yesterday's game, I just had to post it!

Well, at least he looks excited. So Hal McCoy's wish has been granted! Woohoo!

Update: With a hat tip to Doug, Eddie showed emotion once again tonight when he hit a game-winning single! Hal must be beside himself!
Updated again: From C. Trent's blog, Pete Mackanin on Encarnacion: "It was good to see Encarnacion hit that moon shot home run and the big hit. I’ve never seen anyone so happy." (emphasis added)

Top Photo by AP/Tom Uhlman, with a mild bit of doctoring by me
Bottom Photo by AP/Tony Trimble, untouched and prestine

Updated AGAIN: Redlegnation noticed Eddie smiling AGAIN! And this time, it really was a smile! No question about it!