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Friday, March 24, 2006

Greg Tamer Previews the Reds

Greg Tamer has posted two notable previews recently about the '06 Cincinnati Reds.

First, last week he wrote the annual "Looking Forward to..." piece about the Reds over at Baseball Think Factory. It's as thorough a preview of the Reds as you'll find, with good recaps of all the recent ownership/management changes, as well as good looks at all the players. I have to say, though, at times it seems like he's desperately trying to be negative (see Encarnacion, Lopez, etc).

Second, at the Hardball Times, Tamer asks Five Questions about the Reds. It's a decidedly different preview, full of fun stat/history exercises, and Tamer seems almost desperate to be positive in this one. :) You're bound to learn something there--I'm particularly fond of the three true outcome piece on Adam Dunn, though the recap of our recent pitching drafts was...chilling. As an aside, we've had so much bad luck in the past several years, I can't help but think it's bound to turn around with guys like Homer Bailey, Travis Wood, and Wirfin Obispo coming up in the system. Of course, that's the same logic I used last time I was at a blackjack table, and you can guess how that turned out...

Oh, and Tamer -- thanks for the link! -j