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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Tonight, my wife and I watched Traffic. I saw it when it originally came out, but found it far more powerful this time around. Very, very impressive film.

One thing I did not notice before is how prominently baseball figures into the movie's symbolism. Baseball is purity and safety--what life should be without drugs and the violence that accompanies them. The movie both begins and ends with children playing baseball. It's amazing how moving something that simple can be after witnessing so much horror.

I'm tempted to use this to segway into a statement about how I angry I am that drugs have tainted this sport these past years. I could even time such a statement with the Reds' recent acquisition of the previously-banned-for-using-drugs Alex Sanchez. But I think all i want to say is how much I love this game. It's not the players, it's not even the Reds. There's just something inherently beautiful about baseball, be it the wind-up of the pitcher, the swing of a batter, or the grace of an infielder turning a double play. I'm excited for the season to begin. Let's play ball. -j