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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jung Bong playing for Korea

I'm watching the Korea/Japan World Series classic right now (Tivo), and Jung Bong, one of the two prospects gained from the infamous Chris Reitsma trade, is pitching for Korea. He came on in relief in the 4th and got his team out of a bad spot (though the 2nd out was helped by a HUGE play by Korea's rightfielder. Pitched a 1-2-3 5th inning, and got the first out of the 6th inning before being removed for a right hander. Looked very good; worked both sides of the plate, and the only good swing against him was that opposite field liner to right field that he got some defensive help on. He faced Japan's best hitters too - Suzuki, Matsunaka, Fukudome, and Tamura.

Interesting tidbit from the annoucers (one of the very few interesting things they had to say...more on that later): Bong apparently is a good hitter, and the Braves had difficulty deciding whether to sign him as a pitcher or a hitter. ... If he ever makes it back up to the Reds major league team, hopefully we'll get a chance to see some of that hitting when (or if) he starts. Lifetime in the majors he's 0 for 11, although he's 4 for 10 at Louisville with a 1.155 OPS (0.455 oba + 0.700 slg).

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