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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Going to ASU/Washington game tomorrow

My wife is having a ladies-only party tomorrow, so I'm getting out of the house and going to see the Washington/Arizona State baseball game. I'd hoped to have a chance to check out Tim Lincecum, Washington's stud starter, who recently appeared in a Baseball Prospectus '06 amateur draft preview article. Unfortunately, Lincecum started today (he threw a complete game-shutout, struck out 12, walked 4, allowed 2 hits while throwing 133 pitches). There is an ASU relief pitcher, Zechry Zinicola, who also appeared in that article, so perhaps I'll see him. Anyway, if I'm feeling ambitious, I may write up a short recap of that game.

Also, Sunday I will debut the first position player of my BKR series. Assuming I can get my piece done.

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  1. Love college baseball. I hope you get a chance to post a game report. Should be a good game.