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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Reds win 6th straight

Great win for the Reds again today. It's hard to believe they've set the team record for April wins. That's really amazing. Today's win clinched a series win vs. Houston, which gives them a final series record for the month of 6-1-1. Can't get a lot better than that. Get out the brooms tomorrow for me!

Hopefully they can maintain this momentum and at least split vs. the Cardinals. Once that's done, however, the Reds are headed west to Colorado and then Arizona(!!). My plans are to see the Friday (5/5) and Sunday (5/7) games here in Arizona. As of now, Elizardo Ramirez is on schedule to pitch on the Friday game against Brandon Webb (yikes), and Bronson Arroyo is on schedule to pitch Sunday vs. Orlando Hernandez. Really looking forward to seeing this team in person. Thanks to interleague and unbalanced schedules, it's my one chance all year!

...unless, of course, the D-backs and Reds square off in the playoffs this year. A guy can dream.. :)