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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reflections on today's game

I had the opportunity to listen to today's Reds game while at work today...first game I've been able to listen to in entirety this season. Yay for gameday. A few quick thoughts:
  • I think Arroyo is having fun in the National League.
  • Great to see EdE come up with a big hit today. I think he's been pressing a little bit since the regular season started, so hopefully this will help him relax a bit more at the plate. Aside: EdE will be the focus of our the next BKR feature, which should be up in the next day or two.
  • Chris Hammond got two guys out today! That's three on the season in just over three appearances!
  • Like Lancaster said, I'm not ready to freak out yet about this bullpen, just like I'm not ready to relax about the starting rotation. I will say, however, that it sure was nice to see the Reds allow less than 5 runs today--first time we've done that all season!
  • I thought Steve Stewart did a really nice job today. I didn't listen to many games the past two years, but haven't been crazy about him when I heard him in the past. So maybe it's just me, but I thought he really seemed to have settled in nicely. He and Marty seem to have a great rapport too.
  • Marc Lancaster is 'da man.
  • How about this news of two Reds minor leaguers being suspended for drugs? I've never heard of either one of those guys. According to RedLeg Nation's depth chart, Ramon Ramirez is a bullpen guy for A+ Sarasota, but I don't even see Justin Mallett on there. Maybe he's in rookie ball? Ramirez was suspended for steroids, but Mallett was suspended for "a drug of abuse." Hopefully it wasn't just a doobie.

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  1. Cubs are the team! Change allegiance before it's too late!!!