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Monday, April 03, 2006

Today in Baseball (4/2/06)

Two "news" items that I'd like to comment on tonight:

1. I really like Bob Castellini. This interview with John Fay is a case in point. He's candid, smart, savvy, and an extremely charismatic leader. It got me to thinking...I usually do a subconscious eye-roll whenever a team's owner takes some credit for the world series trophy. I mean, they're just the money behind the hard work, ya know? But I'd be very proud to have Castellini up there representing the Reds in the final postseason press conference. ... but there's a lot of work that they'll have to do between then and now, so let's no get ahead of ourselves.

2. I've seen a lot of previews/predictions this year about the NL Central. So many that I've started to ignore them, as they all seem to say the same thing: the Reds are doomed to a rough season, and will be lucky to finish anywhere but in the gutter of the division. Ouch. But then I read Joe Sheehan's preview at Baseball Prospectus. And, to my absolute shock and amazement, Sheehan doesn't just predict a 0.500+ season from the Reds. He actually predicts that they'll finish in a tie for SECOND with the Cubs with an 83-79 record! So I've decided that not only is Joe Sheehan now my favorite BP writer, but also that he is a genuine oracle. Therefore, we can now sit back and gleefully watch the upcoming season...which starts in less than 12 hours!
-J in AZ