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Monday, April 17, 2006

Rumor Mill: Womack's Days Numbered?

Listening to Marty and Hal just now on the radio. They both speculated that when LaRue returns to the Reds, Womack will be released.
* Krivsky claims they will carry 3 catchers when LaRue returns.
* Phillips has been starting at 2B vs. righthanders, and word is that the team is impressed with him.
* (inferred, but:) Freel is a right-handed version of Womack, except that he's better.

Update: or, perhaps not. Via Red Hot Mama, Griffey has been placed on the disabled list (it is still not thought to be serious, and is improving, but...). LaRue is expected to be promoted to the big league team before tomorrow's game. Womack lives on!


  1. Unfortunately, RHM is not joking about Junior being on the DL. If Womack was released and Larue reactivated, that would only leave 4 OFs (Dunn, Kearns, Freel, and Quinton). That seems a little thin.

    They should really bring up Denorfia now. He's the only "true" CF among our OFs, would be a good defensive replacement, and is a better hitter than Quinton by any measure.

  2. It does seem to likely that Womack will stay on at least as long as it takes for Griffey to return from the DL. That's a week and a half from now, however, and who knows what will have happened by then. I wouldn't be surprised to see LaRue traded once he demonstrates he's healthy.

    And yeah, I agree about Denorfia. I've heard Krivsky's comments about how he prefers to have veterans on the bench over younger kids... But Denorfia is 25, which isn't all that young. Of course, I still like Dunn at 1B with Denorfia in left, but what do I know?