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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Requests for "Better Know a Red" Series?

I'm really enjoying doing the Better Know a Red series--I've received good feedback on it from the community, and I've been learning a great deal about our players while putting it together. If you haven't seen these features, they are all linked via my side-bar. It's also been great to collaborate with Red Hot Mama and her Human League, as she provides a very different, but also quite valuable alternative perspective on our players.

The order of the series was determined initially by a random draw, with players acquired subsequently being tacked on at the end (I've been doing a mini-profile of all our new acquisitions as they arrive anyway).

The current planned order is as follows:
Brandon Claussen (mostly finished; to be posted tomorrow)
Felipe Lopez
Rick White
Aaron Harang
Ryan Freel
Rich Aurilia
Matt Belisle
Ken Griffey Jr.
Paul Wilson
Jason LaRue
Eric Milton
Dave Ross
Bronson Arroyo
Brandon Phillips
Quinton McCracken
Brian Shackelford
Cody Ross

But I was wondering: is there a player on this list that you folks would like to see profiled sooner rather than later? Feel free to comment. I would still prefer to do the Dave Ross and below players at the end, as I've already written some things about those players. But I'm even flexible on that, so don't hesitate to drop me a line.