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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today in Baseball (4/8/06)

1. Quick thoughts on the Reds' game tonight.
  • Nice to see another Reds victory tonight. Although it sure would be nice to see them allow less than five runs at least once during the first week. Hopefully big Dave Williams can come through for us tomorrow.
  • Speaking of giving up runs, Chris Hammond succeeded in getting someone out this year! Unfortunately, he then allowed a walk and two singles, all of whom came around to score. Chris now has a 189.00 ERA over three games of work. Ouch. Still, I suppose it's better than having an "undefined" ERA.
  • Freel continues to be a monster on the base paths, Lopez is smokin', and it's good to see Kearns getting in on the fun.
2. John Walsh wrote a really interesting article about the lack of ANY lefty-throwing catchers in the majors. He largely debunks all the commonly cited rationales (can't throw to 2B with a right-handed batter up, can't throw to 3B to catch a would-be base stealer, lack of lefty little-league catching gloves, etc) and ultimately chalks it up to being caused by the historical fear of left-handed people. Not sure I buy that either, but it is strange that there aren't at least some southpaw catchers.

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