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Monday, April 17, 2006

Amateur Draft: You Are The GM

Crag Burley at The Hardball Times has posted a fun thought exercise. You play the role of a MLB GM with the 9th pick in the upcoming amateur draft. Burley has has posted scouting reports on 7 potential (fictional) amateur draft pitcks that your scouting team tells you are the best available picks, given your draft position: 2 pitchers, 1 pitcher/hitter, and 4 hitters. They are a mix of high school and college players. Which player do you choose, and why?

Burley is taking submissions via e-mail, but I'd love to hear what you folks think in the comments here. I'll post my rankings later this week. For the sake of argument, let's all assume we're drafting for the Reds this year. We'll also assume that ample "slot" money is available for our #9th overall pick.


  1. I'd take the LH pitcher, Bender. Besides all of the scout's glowing superlatives, I like that in 221.1 innings over two years this guy allowed only 11 home runs and 32 walks. He can put the ball where he wants to--and there is no doubt that the Reds need that.

    After this one, though, I am not really moved by anyone. The pitcher/hitter with the cutting fastball that he can throw both ways is intriguing, but the others have obvious flaws (like Scott Boras) that make it hard to choose. I guess that's why good GMs make so much money.

  2. This is a good exercise now that we know the Reds have the 8th pick overall.

  3. Yeah, it really is going to be pretty similar to what the Reds will encounter this year. No one's a sure thing, but all of these guys could potentially be impact players in the big leagues.

    I will be posting a ranking based on my personal opinions in a few days, but kudos to John for sticking his neck out and making a pick! :)